On this episode of That's a YES! we visit Mochidot Donuts in Central Phoenix, Arizona.

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Mochidot Donuts is an Asian family-owned donut shop serving fresh mochi donuts with new flavors every month. Founded by Nichole Williscroft, Brian Motoyama, Rebeckah Lee, and James Villaroman, Mochidot Donuts is inspired by the rich culinary tapestry of Asia and the vibrant local community, offering an exciting fusion of flavors. Every day, the team crafts freshly made, small-batch mochi donuts made from scratch, and in under a year, Mochidot Donuts has become a valley favorite and go-to for food enthusiasts and local supporters alike!

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People Getting Food Presents: That's a YES! Curated dining experiences with the valley’s most influential restaurants and chefs, bringing together a diverse community of tastemakers and food enthusiasts. This is the show where you find out which spots are hot and why you need to go check them out! That's a YES! is an original production of Co-Media, in partnership with Maramera Films and AZF Media.

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