The Set List Live dives into the music world of Marquel Deljuan, a brilliant lyricist, MC, and songwriter, as he ignites the stage in this episode of The Set List Live. Experience the raw energy and talent as Marquel delivers a captivating live performance that will leave you craving more. In addition to the electrifying show, get exclusive insights into Marquel's creative process during his interview.

Music Director / Keys : Deandre BIGBAABY Johnson

Drums: Kelly Winfrey Jr.

Bass: Alan Harris

BGV: Chrystal McCowan

BGV: Cedric Jenkins

The Set List Live is an original production of Marmera Films, in association with Produce Your Life, Angelic Grove, Co-Media, Musicshed, Snapback Pizzeria, and Spectacle.

The Set List Live | Marquel Deljuan
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TV - PG-13


The Set List Live
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